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My mum used to call me Tooting Bek so in a way my life has now come full circle

day 6 only took me like 5 minutes (compared to yesterday's hour+). Slightly worried about tomorrow.

The parsing for Advent of Code today was so much trickier than the actual answer finding. Great fun though, glad I decided to take part this year.

Messy solutions are on my GitHub for the curious.

Really been struggling to sleep this week. Maybe it's finally time to pull up some videos about bitshifting or something. I reckon that'll have me snoring inside of ten minutes.

Death, cancer 

The hardest part about writing a new library is that I have to shut off the part of my brain that starts designing answers to every potential use case I think of, and write those in a todo list instead.

it's helveticta. of course it is. it's always helvetica

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Dang it. My cat ran across my keyboard earlier and I missed that she'd left an extra character in a file. Just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my build suddenly stopped working πŸ˜‚

I unironically might start using & recommending as the social media site to be on

Are you a #Python developer / user / etc? Would love to follow you! Please boost so we can find all our people!

I'm an avid #Pythonista, former @ThePSF Director + Chairperson + Fellow, and #PyLadies #Chicago organizer. Let's chat and be friends!


Whether you write it yourself or use a JavaScript framework to produce it, the HTML the browser parses is absolutely vital... because semantics:

@foxylad Yes, this has been around a long time and isn't it great, what you can do with Python out of the box?

Current #Python version also cover this use case with fstrings. And don't care, if you send in the number 44 or the string '44', they both work.

If you are not very familiar with all the stuff you can do with them, has an overview.

Who’s got two thumbs and Postgres 15.1 in prod. 🀩

First performance review at my new-ish job.

God I love it here. I'm so lucky.

Today is #equalpayday in The Netherlands, meaning that from now in until the end of the year women work for free (on average, this day has already happened for women of color and women with disabilities).

Social class, inequality 

"why do easy things by hand in 90 minutes when you could spend weeks coming up with an automatic solution that doesn't work that well" - programmer's mantra
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